Anti-fungal Foot Cream

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Redness? Itchy? Burning feet? These are sign of fungal infection or we call Athletes Foot. This amazing Athletes Foot Cream is the best solution to stop all the painful and embarrassing moments! 

It has been clinically-tested to ensure that it kills athlete's foot infections and will promote the restoration of healthy skin in a fungus-free environment. Our unique blend of active ingredients is better than any other topical treatment created to fight athlete’s foot that is more effective and complete.

  • STOP ITCHING, IRRITATION & SPREADING: This advanced at-home medication formula contains potent anti-fungal, antimicrobial properties that efficiently control itching and inflammation on your face, body, feet, hands, scalp, finger nails, toenails, and heels. Stopping irritation of the infected areas and preventing further spreading of infection to other body parts is the first step to recovery. Avoid topical OTC creams that cause long term health concerns.
  • START RECOVERY: Unique formula deeply penetrate and moisturize your dry and scaly skin. Reclaim your skin health! No more embarrassing rash, flaky skin or annoying blisters.
  • RECOVER FASTER WITH STAY-ON FORMULA: Chinese Medicinal Ointment formula stays on your moist skin much longer than powder, lotion, cream, soap, soak, body wash, or shampoo to continuously combat fungus and bacteria while it repairs your skin.
  • AVOID RECURRENCE: Apply to problematic areas daily to build defense and help prevent future flare-ups especially if you visit a gym, yoga studio, martial art studio or public swimming pool regularly.
  •  Keep your feet clean and dry throughout the day when fighting an athlete's foot infection.
  • Apply Athletes Foot Cream to the infected skin twice daily. Allow 3-4 minutes to absorb.
  • BE CONSISTENT!! Don't miss applications or you will never see the results that you should expect.
  • You will see positive results within 3-4 days of starting treatment with Athletes Foot Cream.
    Package Included:
    • 1 x Athletes Foot Cream

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