Amy Bento Advanced Step Challenge 3 DVD

NZ$45.00 NZ$35.00
Instructor's name: Amy Bento

Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning

Fitness Level: Advanced

Equipment Needed: Step, Kettlebell or dumbbell, resistance tubing

Total Running Time: 140 Minutes

Release Date: 2008

Region: 0 (Worldwide)



Ready for more Challenge? Amy's back with the A team with more intensely fun combinations and heart pumping new music from

This workout will have 5 combinations. One combination will be done with the step in the vertical position.

As in it's predecessors ASC3 will have the following features; extensive preview section for the more complicated moves in the workout, vocal only option, 6 premixes, power up section, and an new added feature of TWO Fifteen minute abs workouts chaptered separately.

One ab workout will use one of Amy's favorite training tools the kettle bell. The other will use a resistance tube with handles. These ab workouts will be chaptered separately or you can do them both in one of the premixes.

This program will also include an athletic stretch segment. This steady state step workout will have you burning calories, blasting fat off your body while the time flies by. Before you know, it you will have conquered the NEW Challenge.

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