Amazing Caulk Remover

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Amazing Caulk Remover is a good tool for smoothing sealing lines and caulking lines. Most commonly used to finish silicone jobs, any edge, corner, joint, and others. It has 4 pieces of  good sealant finishing tools, the black one is made of hard plastic; while the others are made of flexible plastic, durable and not easy to be broken though you break it hard.Simple to use, just directly use without masking tape or cleaning afterward, it absolutely save time, easy to use and handle, make your silicone sealant seal work like a professional plumber. With just a damp cloth you can clean up the caulking tools easily and can reuse anytime. 

  • Can be applied on many occasions, such as kitchen sink, bathroom fittings, home sealing projects and floor silicone sealant sealing.
  • Easy to use. Simply press the silicone sealant slightly along the line you want to seal when the sealant is still fresh, or you can cover some fresh sealant on the dirt to help clean when the sealant is dry.
  • Good tool to remove leaky silicone and grout lines. Suitable for making perfect corners without wasted caulk, silicone or grout.
  • The black sealant removal tool is made of hard plastic and the others are made of flexible plastic, durable and flexible material, won’t hurt your hand or scratch the hard surfaces.
  1. Choose the proper size and shape of the tool
  2. Use its smooth rear side to remove the excess sealant from the joint easily
  3. Use its fitting concave side for deeper removal
  4. Use soapy water or wet cloth to clean the tools after use
Note: Choking hazard - small parts included, please keep it away from children under 3 years old.
Packing Includes:
  • 1 Set Amazing Caulk Remover (3 x Scrapers & 1 Binder)

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