Adjustable Metal Wood Circle Hole Saw Drill Bit Cutter Kit DIY Tool 30mm-120mm Black Alloy Bade 30mm-200mm 30mm-300mm

NZ$250.40 NZ$86.45

1.Wide range of uses, hole diameter size can be adjustable.

2.Alloy blades, cutting smooth, the hole wall are smooth and no glitches, good effect of the.
3.Straight roundness, opening hole depth is 30mm.

Material: Steel body & Alloy heads
Adjustable range: 30-300mm
Cutting Hole Diameter: 30-120mm, 30-200mm, 30-300mm
Cutting Depth: 30mm
Shank Diameter:10mm (Suitable for 10mm diameter electric drill)
Suitable for drill: Plywood, Laminates, Composite, Gypsum, Rubber, Plastic, Hardwood etc.

How to use:
1. Two blades reach drill center distance are equal, can open hole.
2. Two blades reach drill center distance are not equal, can get concentric rings and circles.
3. Before drilling to check whether the blade is fixed and adjustable diameter bolts tightened to prevent accidents
4. When the blade is not sharp please grind the blade then use.

Note: It can not be used for drill metal or stone.


Package included:
1x Circle Hole Saw Drill Bit

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