Adjustable Folding Ultralight Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Trekking Poles

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Naturehike NH18D010-Z Adjustable Folding Ultralight Carbon Fiber Quick Lock Trekking Poles Hiking Pole Walking Running Stick

Product Description

Product description

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  • Elongation Size: 98-115cm/115-135cm
  • Shrinkage Size: 34cm/37cm
  • Net Weight: 175g/191g
  • Color: purple red/Blue
  • Diameter: 1.8-1.6-1.4cm
  • Wristband material: High-density nylon webbing
  • Handle material: EVA anti-slip handle
  • Pole material: Carbon fiber
  • Pole tip material: Tungsten steel
Naturehike Carbon Fiber 5-sections Foldable Trekking Poles
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Convenient fast lock  

Very easy to adjust pole length
Automatic buckle lock  

Locking:Pull out to the buckle lock to automatically lock
Shrinking:Press the buckle lock to shrink
High strength carbon fiber pole  

Ultralight, portable and excellent toughness, strong load bearing capacity.
EVA anti-slip handle  

It fits the curve of the hand, comfortable and nonslip.
Adjustable wraistband  

The length of the wristband can be adjusted freely.
Premium rope + PVC coating  

Use premium rope (with PVC coating) to connect poles.
High quality Pole tip material  

Durable tungsten steel pole tip with mud support.
Z-shape 5-Sections foldable trekking pole  

Easy to fold, save more space.
Shrinkage Size: 34cm/37cm
How to adjust wraistband?  

Type comparison

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  Color purple red Blue purple red Net Weight 175g 175g 191g Shrinkage Size 34cm 34cm 37cm Elongation Size 98-115 cm 98-115 cm 115-135cm Appropriate Height 150-165cm 150-165cm 165-185cm         Color Blue     Net Weight 191g     Shrinkage Size 37cm     Elongation Size 115-135cm     Appropriate Height 165-185cm      

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