Acupressure Weight Loss Magnet

NZ$40.00 NZ$19.94

Lose Weight by Using This Magnet!Acupressure Weight Loss Magnet can help with reducing weight. The theory supporting the science relies is based on acupuncture and the notion that applying pressure to certain places of the ear may begin and excite weight reduction.The weight loss magnet combines traditional Chinese acupressure and three advanced scientific innovations: Magnetic Acupressure, Far Infrared Ultrasonic Auriculotherapy and Negative Ionization to achieve positive health benefits such as weight loss, faster metabolism, better rest and sleep.

  • Effectively improves blood circulation, promote metabolism
  • Helps manage weight and improve vision using auricular magnetic therapy in the form of bio-magnetic earrings studs. 
  • Material: Obsidian Stone 
Package Included:
  • 1 Pair of Acupressure Weight Loss Magnet

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