80mm Mini Plastic Sliding Vernier Caliper Gauge Measure

NZ$18.72 NZ$9.95

Calipers are commonly used in construction, metalworking, mechanical engineering and machining. The simplest caliper has two legs that mark two points and requires a ruler for the measurement. More complex calipers use two sets of jaws instead of legs and have up to two scales. The vernier, dial and digital caliper provide direct and accurate readings with the same function, with a calibration scale for the fixed jaws, and the other jaw with a movable pointer that slides along the scale. The vernier caliper has a scale that slides parallel to the main scale for additional fractional readings to improve measurement accuracy. The dial caliper has a round dial with the pointer on the rack and pinion instead of the second vernier scale.
Measuring range: 0-80mm
Accuracy: 0.1
Material: plastic
Range: 80MM
Type: Vernier Caliper
Package includes:
1*Vernier caliper(other accessories demo in the picture is not included.)
Please allow 1-2mm errors due to manual measurement.
Due to the difference between different monitors, there are color differences, please take the real product as the standard.





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