75-200mm Wool Felt Polishing Buffing Grinding Wheel

NZ$367.52 NZ$20.15







High Degree Wear-Resisting
Strong cutting force,sharp,durable, highly active anti-clogging and good degree of finish
Avoid burning down the surface of the workpiece and turning black
Used for grinding all kinds of surface of metal workpiece,stainless steel, table ware architectural, handware,handle,hinge,gatelock,galvanization, lighting,brassie,copper plastics and marble and so on.

Diameter: Optional as below,
3 inch about 75mm
4 inch about 100mm
5 inch about 125mm
6 inch about 150mm
8 inch about 200mm
Thickness: 1 inch about 25mm
Inner Hole: 10mm
Density: Soft -- Medium ( 0.5gm/c3 )

1 x Buffing Wheel


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