5pcs Solder Iron Tip Cleaner Yellow Cleaning Sponge

NZ$14.88 NZ$7.91

-Anti-scald and resistance to high temperature.
-When it wet water will be inflate, welding time soldering iron will have the solder and the residue , the sponge makes the cleaning action
-Strong absorbability,-It can almost wipe solder iron head off completely.
-It is used for wiping the solder leftover on the soldering iron head.
-It can prevent the welding head from oxidation and burned by overheat, remove the solder residue and keep the PCB board clean.

-1.Immerse the dry cleaning sponge in the water to let it drink enough water, then squeeze some water by your hand, retain about seventy percent of the water.
-2.Hold the welding head and use the cleaning sponge wipe its head, it can be wiped off, then you can start solder.
-3.Put the cleaning sponge on the shelf, it can not only wipe off the oxide of the welding head quickly, but also do not harm the alloy layer on the iron head.
-4.The welding shelf must be cooperated used with cleaning sponge, the cleaning sponge is used for wiping it, without using the cleaning sponge, the welding mouth might be harmed, so that the tin can not be attached on it.

-Material : Pyrocotton
-Size :5x3.5 CM
-Shape: Rectangular
-Color : Random Color

Package Included:
5 x Welding Cleaning Sponge


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