5pcs S2 Alloy Steel Triangular Screw Bits

NZ$47.04 NZ$24.99


*100% brand new and high quality

*It made of high-strength S2 alloy steel, very durable.

*Toughness is good, hard to rupture and wearproof.

*Magnetic bits, in the installation can easily absorb screws

*Suitable for installation in pneumatic screwdrivers, electric screwdriver, rechargeable drill, using the wind batch.

*Widely used power tools, electric screwdriver assembly, electronics industry, household appliances, precision instruments industry, furniture industry screw equipment.



* Material:S2 Steel

* Color:As Pictures Show

* Hex Shank:6.35mm (1/4")

* Bits specification: Δ18; Δ20; Δ23; Δ27; Δ30
 Δ18 mean triangle's height is 1.8mm
 Δ20 mean triangle's height is 2.0mm
 Δ23 mean triangle's height is 2.3mm
 Δ27 mean triangle's height is 2.7mm
 Δ30 mean triangle's height is 3.0mm

* Total Length: 50mm(Approx)

* Quantity: 1 Set (5 pcs)


Package Contents:

1 x 1.8mm Screwdriver Bit

1 x 2.0mm Screwdriver Bit

1 x 2.3mm Screwdriver Bit

1 x 2.7mm Screwdriver Bit

1 x 3.0mm Screwdriver Bit


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