5ml UV Glue OpticalAdhesive UV Glue For Mobile Phone

NZ$69.01 NZ$31.63

5ml UV Glue Optical Clear Adhesive UV Glue Cell Phone Repair Tool for Mobile Phone Touch Screen Repair glue mobile repair tools

Product selling point:

1. Colorless and transparent, light transmittance over 98%, good adhesion strength.

2. Application scope: mobile phone, digital electronic products.

Operation steps:

1. Remove the residual glass fragments and clean the white area of the glass (so that the repair solution and the glass can be bonded together)

2. Apply repair solution

3. Apply the curing film (please note that there is enough repair solution to cure the middle of the film without bubbles)

4. Move to a sunny place for 15-20 minutes.

5. Tear off the curing film

6. Use the scraper to hang up the excess residue and complete the repair.

Product parameters:

1. Capacity: 5ml

2. Viscosity: 2500 (Pa.s)

3. Weight: 10g

4. Product size: 8.2 * 1.5cm

Packing list:

1. Optical adhesive



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