5M Self Adhesive Door Seal Strip

NZ$222.87 NZ$80.33

Product Name:

Self Adhesive Door Seal Strip Weather Stripping Silicone Bottom Door Seal Soundproof Doors and Windows seal

Product Features:

【Safe Mterials】-- Silicone—Non-toxic and environmentally protect material, No any irritating smell, protecting health of your family, making customers at ease,good for family use.Excellent flexibility, can be used in extreme weather and won't break. 【Flexible And Durable】-- Made of flexible waterproof rubber material with high transparency of ultra-thin and ultra-soft property, No affect the use of doors and windows. Easily adjust to the length you need. Strong adhesive backing, non-degumming, stick firmly , could work for a long time. Tear off the weatherstripping will not leave sticky residue. 【Widely Used】-- Widely used for frameless sliding doors, glass doors, dog door, door bottom, plastic-steel windows and aluminum alloy windows, cupboards, wardrobes, furniture, cabinet, shower room, kitchen. 【Easy To Use】-- Installation take seconds, as all you need to do is peel off the backing and stick it to a clean surface.Please confirm you have already cleaned dust before using, comperss it when pasting(if the temperature is low, it would be better if you use electric hair drier to heat the back adhesive ),because it's very cold, the rubber may get hard and compact, the same thing happen to the gum.

Product description:

Weather Stripping Size: total width: 25mm/adhesive backing width: 10mm/thickness: 1.25mm total width: 35mm/adhesive backing width: 15mm/thickness: 1.25mm total width: 45mm/adhesive backing width: 15mm/thickness: 1.25mm [Tips for Purchasing] 25 mm is suitable for sealing 0-15 mm gap 35 mm is suitable for sealing of 0 to 20 mm gap 45 mm is suitable for sealing of 0 to 30 mm gap


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