50L Molle Assault Tactical Outdoor Military Rucksacks Backpack Camping Bag

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A big trip merits a big backpack!!!

Whether you’re planning for camping, building a Bug Out Bag, or just visiting out-of-state relatives. Your trip is going to need a large bag for storing clothes, food, medications, baby supplies, or any other essentials that you might not have room for otherwise. When you’re carrying 10-20 pounds of equipment, it’s important that the bag be durable enough to hold it all. Your bag should also be comfortable enough to wear under any circumstances, hot or cold, without chafing, sweating or other wear.

National Parks Depot’s Large Military Style Hiking Backpack meets those needs, providing you with a high-quality, high-volume bag that meets any expectations. Integrating high-quality nylon into its design, this military-style hiking backpack is strong enough to withstand nearly any punishment. No-catch zippers make up the outer pocket design. With water-resistant seams and zippers to compliment the nearly waterproof nylon, keeping your supplies safe and dry is this bag’s top priority - especially during heavy rain or snowstorms.

The heavy bag features 2 large pockets by default, measuring 20-and-14 inches deep, respectively. The bag also has adjustable MOLLE strap support, allowing you to add extra pockets and modules to the bag. This model of bag comes with 3 FREE attachments – 2 waterproof side pockets, and 1 center module with 4 separate pockets of varying sizes. All of these modules are built with the same durable design as the main bag. The main pockets also have support for a wide selection of water bladders, of almost any size.

The versatile, durable design of National Parks Depot’s Large Military Style Hiking Backpack makes it a fantastic, multi-faceted choice for any scenario. Whether you’re out hiking, camping or packing for a trip overseas, keep yourself prepared with this large, military style bag.


  • Includes backpack, with 3 FREE MOLLE-supported pouches on the front
  • MOLLE belts on front and sides of the bag
  • Large (20” x 12.5” x 6”) primary compartment with pouch for water bladder
  • Secondary compartment (14” x 11” x 2.7”) also features a pouch for keeping supplies separated
  • Bite hole at the top of the bag (secured by hook-loop fastens) for access to internal water bladders
  • Comfortably padded and adjustable to fit any back
  • Waist and stomach belts to hold the bag in place during hikes
  • 6 different fabric colors
  • Snap-hooks for holding a bedroll or sleeping bag

Package include:
* 1 x Backpack Set (include two side bag and one back bag)

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