500 LCD 3.7V/1.2V AA/AAA

NZ$299.93 NZ$149.97

2015-Liitokala-lii-500-LCD-Battery-Charger-3-7V-18650-26650-18500-16340-18350-14500-14500 (1)

LiitoKala Lii-500 User's Guide


Thank you for using the company's products - Lii-500, which is a high-end smart charger with 4 channels independent charging / battery capacity detection / battery internal resistance detection / anti-reverse / short circuit protection / overcharge protection / temperature protection /1.65V-2.2V voltage can not be charging 10 features / USB 5V output and battery activation zero volts, and can

automatically monitor the battery in a timely manner (charging, testing) process.


  Lii-500 can charge a variety of different types of cylindrical lithium ion battery and AA \ AAA and other cylindrical nickel-hydrogen batteries, widely used in flashlights, electric tools, instruments, digital cameras and other electronic products, batteries. Safe to use, portable, powerful, is your home, travel a good helpe


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