3Pcs EFERO Lifting Face Masks V Shape

NZ$77.22 NZ$38.61

3Pcs EFERO Lifting Face Masks V Shape Face Slim Chin Check Neck Lift Peel-off Mask V Shaper Face Slimming Bandage Skin Care


Anti the face fiber turning into fat tissue to prevent fat accumulation.
Anti-allergy - No paper, ginger and other stimulation material included,  no skin problems of side effects and skin scorching.
Lifting face skin care - Promote blood circulation, stimulate cells regeneration and repair, achieve the change from round face to V face. It can help to reshape and lift up face/neck.
moisturizing,whitenign - Help to moisten and maintain moisture of your skin, repair and stimulate cells regeneration, help to improve rough and dry skin problem.


How To Use ?
cleaning you face.
Apply a thin layer of mask to the jaw.
Lengthen mask and hang to ears.
about 15-20 minutes remove the mask.
Use palm to massage the face from bottom to the top for a better absorption.


Package list : 3pcs V face gel mask







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