3D Mouth Mask Holder

NZ$34.34 NZ$17.17

ullet Points: 

 1. Protect Your Makeup: Can protect your face makeup and avoid lipstick sticking to fabric.

 2. Make Glasses-wearing Comfortable: Scientific 3D stereo bracket, don't get foggy when wearing glasses..

 3. Smooth Your Breath: Suitable for face design of nose bridge, breathing is smoother, breathable and not stuffy.

 4. Perfect for Summer: Especially suitable for summer use, thus expanding space and helping to breathe smoothly.

 5. Small Tip: This product is a 3D bracket and the product does not contain other products. 


 Uses: fit the face, comfortable and breathable 
wearing method:
Hanging ears directly (error)
Wear on a disposable mask (correct)
Disposable mask holder: super silicone material
Comfort is recognized by domestic medical staff
Mouth and nose separation 3D support frame
Goodbye! Wet face!
Breathe super comfortable
The three-dimensional bracket will not fit the nose and mouth, refuse to be suffocated, and breathe more comfortably, immediately transform into KN95
"Kanshouzhe" give you the fresh air you want (reject mediocrity)
Separate mouth and nose, patented product, soft fit, washable, easy to install, independent packaging

Completely solve the dampness, odor, and non-fitting caused by long-term use of disposable masks

Fit the face design, 3D support
Scientific proportion design, thin and breathable, breathable and not stuffy

Protect your family's healthy space
It can prevent the mask from being directly attached to the 


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