3800LM Led Headlamp Zoomable Bicycle and Fishing Light

NZ$60.00 NZ$28.50

Increased visibility in a simple, lightweight solution.

This Water Resistant LED Headlight is ideal for cycling, hiking trails, & more. Keep your sights clear at night and in the rain. With 180 degree beam angle and 5W of light to lead the way. 


Product Details :

Model of Battery required: Double 18650 Li-ion batteries

3 switch Mode: Bright Light/Dim Light/Flashing Mode

Material: Aluminum alloy casing

Max Brightness: 3800LM

Adjustable degrees: 90 degrees

Switch: Head switch

Colour : Black with Blue Band

Irradiation distance: 200-500m



Material: Li-ion Battery

Voltage: 3.7V

Capacity: 5000mAh/pcs

Size: 65x18mm


Sometimes when out in the wild, carrying a flashlight just isn’t an option. Rock climbing, hiking through dense underbrush, bicycling, or just the continual comfort in having both hands free means that carrying a flashlight is an unaffordable burden. A headlamp is a comfortable and economical alternative that can take the place of a hat, using your head instead of your hands during dim lighting hours to light your full field of vision, whichever way you might be moving.

The Super Bright NPD Rechargeable Head Lamp capitalizes on this convenience to bring you a high quality headlamp that rests easy on your head while leaving your hands free to work. The chassis of this headlamp is built from a high-quality aluminum alloy, which is resistant to abrasion. The design’s damage resistance also protects it from material buildup. Extra tall, and worried about bumping the lamp into a low ceiling or doorframe? Not a problem, the casing will also help absorb the shock of sudden impacts, so it will stay working! The headlamp also has three modes of operation for various brightnesses, and the trio of lights uses high-quality LED lights capable of up to 2,000 lumens. That makes the headlamp great for work at any range, whether it’s the close detail of a dark cave, the long stretch of dark path on a hike, or the extreme range of your distant campsite. The adjustable head band also lets this headlamp fit to any skull shape. The head light on this lamp can even be adjusted by up to 90 degrees, making it suitable for any potential usage.

Lighting is an absolute necessity in any environment, whether in the wilds or on the job. Whether on the campgrounds, in the basement at home, or down a dark shaft at work, the NPD Rechargeable HeadLamp is an excellent tool for any application.

- See more at: https://nationalparksdepot.us/collections/fishing/products/super-bright-rechargeable-headlamp#sthash.GbtCzpx0.dpuf

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