30Pcs/set 3.0mm Diamond Burr Bits Drill Kit

NZ$122.08 NZ$50.92

Feature :

1. Mainly used to engrave glass, jade, repair abrasives and hard objects

2. High working efficiency,perfect grinding effect and long using life

3. Basically replace with handle small grinfing wheel and no dust pollution.

4. Inner hole is suitable for the electric grinder, engraving machine, and electro-mechanical assembly


Item Describe:

1. 100% Brand New and High Quality

2. Type : Electroplated Grinding Needle

3. Material: Steel

4. Size: 3x45mm

5. For the grinding and engraving of hard materials such as ceramics, glass, stone, hard alloy, jade, etc., water should be used for cooling


Suitable for processing wood,glass,plastic,metal,stone,tile,ceramics and more


Package includes:

1 Set * Diamond Burr Bit Set (30pcs)


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