2pcs Honey Paraffin Wax Hand Mask Moisturizing Whitening

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2pcs Honey Paraffin Wax Hand Mask Moisturizing Whitening Exoliating Calluses Nourish Hydrating Paraffin Bath Hands Whiting Cream

Product Features:
1. Contains honey, milk extract, fine and smooth texture and easy to absorb; rich in milk can effectively penetrate into the depths of the skin, dilute hand wrinkles, remove the skin surface aging cutins; rich in honey, can effectively improve the skin , make the skin more delicate and smooth.
2. Product efficacy: water replenishment, water retention, moisturizing,remove cutins
Product parameters:
1. Shelf life of 3 years
2. Net content: about 120g
1. Evenly apply this product on hands, thickness of about 1 mm, must be fully covered with hands or feet, especially the joints and fingertips;
2. Wait for about 20 minutes , hand wax turns into film, easy to tear off the hand mask, apply hand cream
3. It takes about 20mins for hand wax to turn into film, if you are in harry, you can try to use the hair dryer or fan to blow hands to help the hand wax turn into film.
Note: Please store in a cool place, and avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.
Package Included
2 * hand wax

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