25mm 16pcs Platinum Blades Steel Wire Wheel Brush

NZ$83.84 NZ$41.40

Feature :
1. Suitable for metal surface polishing, rust etc

2. Remove burrs, rust, dust, removing the oxide layer

3. Coating, can improve the quality of metal stone,economy, high efficiency

4. for different angles of wood, metal materials, etc.polishing and grinding all kinds of rough surface

5. 16 Pack - Platinum Blades Brass Bristle Brush Bit Finishing Style for Light Deburring Cleaning Polishing Accessory

6. After the surface antirust processing, suitable for metal and non metal surface polishing, derusting, degreasing burr, polishing etc.


Suitable for :

the use of electric tools such as angle grinder, electric drill, special equipment and so on

Great for cleaning, deburring and general surface-finishing many items made from steel, aluminum, silver, pewter or other metals.


Item Describe:

1. 100% Brand New and High Quality

2. Type : T-type Metal Brush

3. Material: Copper and Steel

4. Size: 25x42mm

5. Color: Yellow and Sliver

6. Bit diameter inch: 2.35MM


Package include:

16pcs/set * T-type Metal Brush


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