250V Waterproof Voltage Tester

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Testing Range: 70-250V
AC voltage contacts test range: 70-250V
AC voltage without contact test Range: 70-600V
DC voltage highest tested: 2500V
Polarity test: 3V-36V
Voltage test: 50-500Hz
Overall Length: 140mm
Tip Width: 3.5mm
Handle diameter: 16mm

With indicator light, can measure breakpoints, move along the contact, when the indicator does not light was breakpoint, can measure the line whether is electrified, the non-contact sensor test, safe and reliable.
1. Waterproof function
Completely invade the water, can be use after dry.
2. The self-test function:
Usage: When using self-testing sign in one hand and take the tip in one hand touches the touch electrode
3. Line On / off detection
Usage: first-hand contact pin zero line, the other hand on the electric pen touch pole, written contact pin FireWire.
On: indicates that the loop line is normal, there is no line breakage.
Unlit: line marked off here somewhere, did not turn on. Line-off detection: electrician maintenance staff are widely used in rice cookers, computers, washing machines and other daily household electric plug line testing equipment.
4. Test Power outage
Clutch electric pen tip and tail hand touch very close to or in contact with the wires, check the lights off along the wire instructions here breakpoint.
5. Zero FireWire judgment
Usage: electric pen tip in direct contact with the measured object, such as a written test flapper need to touch the inside of the copper pieces.
Phenomenon: FireWire: Light-emitting diodes light illuminates
Zero line: Light-emitting diodes does not light or a little shimmer
6. Sensing function
Clutch electric pen tip and tail hand touch very close to or in contact with the sample, we can observe the internal light emitting electric pen

Package included:
1x Electrical Tester Pen




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