225 pcs Rubber O Ring O-Ring Washer Seals

NZ$107.68 NZ$57.21

Product Description:
Brand new and high quality.
Internal diameter and quantity:
20 pieces per size:3x1mm, 5x2mm, 6x3mm, 4x1mm, 6x2mm, 7x2mm, 4.5x2mm, 6x2.5mm, 8x2mm.
5 pieces per size:9x2mm, 13x3mm, 18x4mm, 10x2mm, 14x2.5mm, 20x2mm, 12x3mm, 17x2.5mm, 22x2mm.
Housing color:black.
Size types:18.

Quantity:225 pieces.

Package includes:
1 x Set Rubber O Ring

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