20pcs Woodworking Carving Carved Cutter Tools

NZ$128.16 NZ$68.09

Feature :


1. 20pcs HSS Routing Wood Rotary Milling Cutter Tool Set

2. Material : HSS High speed steel 
3. Specifications: For the rotary tool set burrs higher quality 20 installed


4. Size: Shank Diameter: 3mm (approx) , Total Length: 39mm(approx)


Item Describe:

1. Micro-drilling or cutting portion provided in various forms,100% brand new and high quality. 
2. It can be used for Rotary File, Electric grinding polishing head, Engraving cutter. 
3. 20PC set of Grinding Routing Bits Including Mandrel. 
4. All with fitted 3mm diameter mandrels will fit most rotary tools including Dremel. 
5. These 20 HSS Routing Bits are perfect for all sorts off jobs like Model making and the like. 
6. Great for craft, airfix modelling, home, repairs etc you name it. 
7. Suitable for wood, plastic and other soft materials, carved, inverted edge, chamfering, grooving, reaming, openwork carving work. 
8. Engraving cutter, Cutting head is not easy to jam, peeling tool.


9. High hardness, super coarse teeth,Grinding high speed, Is industrial personal DIY supplies!


Package include:


20pcs/set * HSS Routing Wood Rotary Milling Cutter Tool Set



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