1pcs Telescopic 4 Section Adjustable Hiking Trekking Walking Pole



1pcs Telescopic 4 Section Adjustable Hiking Trekking Walking Pole Cane Stick Crutch Aluminum Alloy Folding Cane Walking Sticks

Product Description



    This is the all essential accessory for serious walkers/travellers. The stick will help reduce the amount of stress on the knees, joints, shoulders and back featuring it's anti-shock mechanism. Featuring an Ergonomic Grip, adjustable sections to ensure the pole is the correct high and removable Mud/Snow Trekking Basket. 


- Anti-shock mechanism that reduces stress and body weight on knees, thighs, shoulders and lower back

- Easy Twist lock system

- Made of lightweight aluminum metal

- Adjustable wrist strap to comfortably support your arm

- Removable trekking basket to prevent the manganese tip from sinking into soft dirt or sand

- Hard steel tip with removable rubber ferrule to protect the hiking stick

- Can be easily carried in a backpack when retracted


- Adjustable length: from approx. 37cm to 135cm

- Material: aluminium alloy & rubber

- Weight: approx. 280g


1x stick

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