1PCS 60*12mm Circular Bubble Level Spirit

NZ$68.96 NZ$36.64

Item Describe: 

1. 100% Brand New and High Quality 

2. Type : Mark Surface Level 

3. Material: PMMA 

4. Diameter: 60mm

    Thickness: 12mm

5.  Color : Fluorescent yellow-green

6. Used for adjusting the level of the woodworking tools, factory machinery,special instrument.
7. Suitable for adjusting the level of PTZ level, medical equipment, office desktop, computer chassis, display
8. Applicable for adjusting the level of camera, tripod, furniture,toy, frame, calendar.

9. Available for all high accuracy requirement areas, makes adjusting more convenient and accurate. 


Package Included:

1pc * Bubble Degree Marked Surface Level 


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