1pcs 12V Oil/Diesel Transfer Pump Car Boat Motorbike Pump

NZ$565.12 NZ$300.22

Item Describe:

1. 100% Brand New and High Quality

2. Type : Oil Pump

3. Material: Plastic

4. Size: 18 x 13 x 8.5cm

5. Color: Yellow and Black

6. Motor: DC12V  , Maximum current: 5A  ,Maximum power: 60W 
7. Sound pressure level: 70dB(A) 
8. Power supply: 12V- vehicle battery 
9. Diesel/Heating oil flow rate: 250L / H 
10. Motor oil (40-60 degrees) flow rate: 1l / min 
11. Hose dimension(approx.): Length / Outer diameter / Inner diameter 
12. Input hose: 1.2M / 6mm / 4mm  , Outlet hose: 1.5M / 12mm / 10mm

13. An ideal equipment for quick and clean oil-changes. 
14.  It is works by connecting the clamps to the 12V car-battery. 
15.  The oil will simply drawn out the motor through the oil dipstick bore. 
16.  Simple On/Off Power Switch, easy to use. 
17. Suitable for Extracting Oil, Diesel etc from a Vehicle (never use for petrol) 
18.  Ideal for Motorcycles, Vans, Cars, Quads and Other 12v Vehicles 
19.  This oil-extractor is suitable to pump engine-, diesel-- and heating-oil. 


Package include:

Oil Pump *1pcs

Clamp * 2pcs

Power cord * 1pcs

Into the oil tube * 1pcs

The battery clip * 2pcs

Into the port to take * 1pcs

Out of the port to take * 1pcs

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