161Pcs Dremel Style Accessories Abrasive Tools

NZ$219.68 NZ$116.71


1.161pcs complete abrasive tool set, could satisfy various of need.

2.Helpful and space saving, can help you improve work efficiency.

3.Best for electric grinding, rotary drills.

4.Used for DIY, ideal for cutting, carving, sandblasting, grinding, cleaning and polishing tools.

5.Application: Accessories for rotary tool, accept 3.2 mm accessories with shank, and most of the Dremel & Rotary Drill.


Package Content:

1. Resin Cutting Tablets: 2 cans / 72pcs, diameter 22mm, suitable for cutting metal

2. Sand Grinding Head: 10pcs, suitable for grinding metal

3. Wire Brush: 3pcs, for removing rust

4. Brass Brush: 3pcs, suitable for removing rust

5. Nylon Brush: 3pcs, for polishing

6. Polishing Paste: 2 cans

7. Double Mesh Cutting Disc: 5pcs, suitable for cutting metal

8. Large Sandpaper Circle: 10pcs, suitable for grinding

9. Small Sandpaper Circle: 12pcs, suitable for grinding

10. Polishing Disc: 12pcs, suitable for grinding metal

11. Large Wool Wheel: 1pc, for polishingv

12. Small Wool Wheel: 4pcs, for polishing

13. Small Cloth Wheel: 1pc, for polishing

14. Wool Polishing Head: 1pc, for polishing

15. Rubber Wheel: 2pcs

16. Abrasive Wheel: 1pc, for polishing wood

17. Rubber Grinding Disc: 1pc, for fine grinding

18. Whetstone: 1pc, for grinding drill

19. HSS drill bit: 6pcs, for drilling wood

20. Connecting Rod: 3pcs, for installing the cutting / grinding disc

21. Diamond Grinding Needle: 8pcs, for grinding

22. Milling Cutter: 2pcs, for woodworking

23. Copper Chuck: 4pcs

24. Wrench: 1pc


Package Include:

1 x 161pcs Electric Grinding Accessories Set


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