10pcs Silk Fiberglass for Nail Extension

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10pcs Silk Fiberglass for Nail Extension Form Non-Woven Silks UV Gel Building Fiber French Acrylic DIY Manicure Accessory CH1507


Non-woven Silks Nail Extensions 1) New Arrival 2)High Quality and Thin 3)Easy to Operate 4)4x8cm can be used for five nails 5)Non-woven Silks for Nail Extension Package:10pcs/pack Nail Non-woven Silk

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Q:How to use?

A:1: Trim your nails, and then apply the base coat. 2: Cut non-woven silk to the length you like with scissor and put it on your nail surface. 3: Use tweezers to fix the non-woven silk. 4: Apply a layer of the builder gel and then cure under UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds. 5: Apply the builder gel again for 30 seconds. When semi-dry state, using the pinching clips to maintain the curvature. Then cure nails again. 6: Remove pinching clips from nails. And then polishing and cleaning the shape of nails. 7: Apply the top coat to always shiny and beauty. Finally cure again for 60 seconds.Q:Is it delivered with glue?

A:Only Nail Fiber, glue needs to be purchased separately.

Q:Can it be used to repair nails?

A:Can be used to repair and extend nails to beautify the shape of the nail.

Q:What is the material?

A:Fiberglass for Nail Extension.





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