10pcs 3/4 inch Diamond Polishing Pad

NZ$344.48 NZ$115.43


1.It has strong grinding force and smoothness.
2.It can polish quickly and use for long time.

3.There will be no color left on stone after polishing.

4.Processing of artificial stone, granite, marble, etc.

5.Refurbishment of ground or stairs which are made of granite, marble or artificial stone.

6.This grinding disc uses diamond as abrasion and combined with composite material. There is sticky cloth on the back to stick on, easy  and convenient.


Item Type:Diamond Grinding Disc


Thickness: 5mm

Diameter: 80mm(3 inch)/100mm(4 inch)

Inner Diameter:12mm(3 inch)/16mm(4 inch)

Granularity: 50/100/150/300/500/800/1000/1500/2000/3000


Include:10pcs x Polishing disc 

               1pcs x M14 holder


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