100pcs Zinc Plated Carbon Steel T Nut

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100pcs/set Zinc Plated Carbon Steel T Nut Four-Pronged



These T-nut are used to fasten a wood, particle or composite materials workpiece, leaving a flush surface. The flanges of T-nuts have prongs that dig into a wooden work piece as the bolt is tightened from the opposite side of the piece, providing better retention.



  • These four-pronged T nuts are made from carbon steel and plated with zinc for rust and corrosion protection.
  • These nuts are used to provide a strong, reliable and easy to fit threaded socket in wood and chipboard.

  • These four prongs will stop the T nut from turning when they are inserted and tightened into wood pieces.

  • There are 5 different sizes of T nuts that you can choose as need for different purposes and projects.
  • Convenient to use, simply tap these nuts into a suitably sized hole and the prongs will hold them in position.



Size(Inner Dia.*Height): M3*6, M4*8, M5*8, M6*9, M8*10(Optional)

Material: Carbon steel

Surface Finishing: Zinc plating

Carbon Steel Grade: 4.8

Nut Grade: A

Color: Silver

Quantity: 100pcs


Package Includes:

100 x T Nuts


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