10 Minute Solution 5 Day Get Fit Mix DVD With Amy Bento

NZ$40.00 NZ$33.00
Instructor's name: Amy Bento

Type of Workout: Aerobics & Toning

Fitness Level: Intermediate

Equipment Needed: Hand Weights

Total Running Time: 56 Minutes
Workout: 51 minutes (each section contains a brief warm-up and cool-down)
Fat Blasting Intervals: 10.5 minutes (cardio-toning intervals)
Belly Fat Burner: 10 minutes (toning)
Lean Body Sculpt: 10 minutes (toning)
Cardio Kickboxing: 10 minutes (cardio)
Power Yoga: 10.5 minutes (yoga)

Release Date: 2009

Region: 1 (USA & Canada)

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No time to exercise?

We have the solution for you - the 10 Minute Solution! Everyone can find at least ten minutes in their day, and we've developed a well-rounded plan that is made up of 5, highly effective 10-minute workouts that will train your ENTIRE body - without spending hours in the gym! You can do one workout per day and get 5 days worth of amazing cross training. You can also use the mix and match feature to create your own favorite combination of the workouts. Or you can choose to do the routines all together and really kick your workout into high gear!

CARDIO KICKBOXING In this cardio kickboxing segment, you will burn up the calories, knockout the fat, and achieve a sleek looking physique.

FAT BLASTING INTERVALS This workout gives you the best of both worlds with intervals of cardio and strength training. These intervals are one of the fastest ways to transform your body and see results quickly.

POWER YOGA It's important to take time to connect with your body and keep your body balanced with flexibility training. Using this yoga flow you will become more agile and more flexible.

BELLY FAT BURNER This series of belly blasting exercises will work the 6-pack, strengthen the lower back and zap away any love handles. Consider it a short-cut to the best abs you've ever had!

LEAN BODY SCULPT Make the most of every minute with compound moves that work your upper and lower body at the same time. This type of sculpting leads to leaner bodies because it increases muscle mass which can raise your metabolic rate and melt away unwanted fat.

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