Weighted Hula Hoop - 1 kg

NZ$90.00 NZ$50.00

The 90cm diameter, adult Weighted Hula Hoop - 1kg is easily portable as it detaches into 6 pieces.


Material: PVC/EVA

Weight: 1KG

Size: 90cm diameter


Ideal for travel

This weighted Hula Hoop is the most popular hoop as it is the most suited weighted hoop for the average person. Hula Hoops are not only fun to use, they are fantastic for improving your core muscle tone strength and can help with weight loss.


The hoops have a padded EVA surface to provide cushioning to the user and also have moulded ridges on the inner circle. The reason for this is that as the ridge passes over your abdomen area it applies extra pressure to the area that in turn gives the user an intense workout.


The Hula Hoops come packaged in a small box, and are easy to assemble by simply clicking each section together. They are ideally suited to adults and come in varied weights (750grams,1kg,1.2k, 1.5kg and 2.0kg) and all 100cm in diameter.


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