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  • Brand new high quality SOS SURVIVAL EMERGENCY KIT. Ideal for hikers, campers, travellers etc.
  • These boxes are quite small, ideal to throw in the back of the car or back pack as they do not take up much space.
  • Great value, reliable products and excellent emergency kit for a variety of situations.
  • Great to throw in the back of the car or in your back pack.
  • Please check the dimension of the box before purchase as the photos make the box appear bigger.


    The Box Included these:
    1.Multi-function pliers with led flashlight(7.3 x 3.2X 1.7 cm, weight 80 g)
    2.Flintstone(length of 6.5cm, magnesium rod length 4cm, 5mm diameter, weight 16 grams)
    3.Survival whistle(8cm in length and weighing 10 grams)
    4.Fretsaw(9.3x12x2cm, weighing 25 g)
    5.Multi-function tool card (5.7x3.7x0.2CM, weight: 28 grams)
    6.Compass(diameter 1.8CM)
    Multifunctional tool card function:
    1.Can opener
    2.Side knife
    3.Straight screwdriver
    5.Bottle opener
    6.Outside hexagonal wrench
    7.Clyburn spanner
    9.Direction identifier
    10.Positioning spanner
    11.Round hole
    Package included:
    1 X Survival box

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