Sealer Bag Sticks (12PCs)

NZ$52.00 NZ$25.94

AMAZING SEALER BAG STICKS - everyone LOVES these. A MUST HAVE for every home.SAY GOODBYE to rubber bands, pegs and clips. These Sticks are tough, durable, Freezer safe, reusable, and designed to last many years.Simply crease the bag, slide the stick, and there you go. A Perfect seal like no other bag clips can do. Guaranteed to provide an AIR TIGHT and WATER TIGHT seal each and every time.

  • NO MORE FOOD WASTAGE: With these sealer bag sticks you will never worry about food wastage! Do your bit for the environment.
  • KEEP FOOD FRESH & STAY HEALTHY: These provide a complete & perfect seal to keep food completely fresh. enjoy your food for much longer! Control your portions for a healthier lifestyle.
  • AIR TIGHT & WATER TIGHT: The perfect seal ensures the bag stays completely air tight & water tight. Not a drop of water will come out!
Package Included: 
  • 12 Pcs Sealing Clip

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